What to expect from therapy

The first session is a kind of assessment. I hear from you what the problems are that have brought you to therapy, and we discuss your hopes, fears and expectations about the therapy process. This includes the kind of outcomes you wish to achieve in therapy.

My part of the assessment is to decide if I think I have the skills and experience to help you, and your part is to decide whether you think that I am the right therapist for you. If we decide to work together, we then agree some terms of reference about what the purpose and direction of our work is going to be, how often and when we will meet, and the admin details covering costs, cancellations and confidentiality.

After the first session, we work on the plan that we have identified in our initial meeting. This plan may be highly structured, or may be much looser, depending on your needs. The plan can always be redefined and updated as your work progresses. Your part in the therapy process is to bring the difficulties that you want to resolve for us to talk about. My part is to help you understand those difficulties, and support you in making your own choices about what action, if any, you want to take about them.

Therapy is a very personal endeavour, and everyone’s journey is unique to them. For this reason, it is often difficult to predict how long therapy might take. I offer therapy which is both short-term and structured, as well as longer-term, open-ended therapy.

I welcome and promote an inter-active approach to therapy. I encourage people to be active in setting the agenda for their own work and in reviewing their progress. My aim is to work in co-operative partnership, supporting you in identifying and working towards your goals.