Why choose therapy

People come to therapy for lots of reasons. Sometimes people have a clear idea of what has brought them, such as bereavement or the ending of a relationship. For other people it may be that they have a more generalised sense of feeling unhappy, unconfident or unfulfilled. Some people feel they have a grasp of what their difficulties are, but they are still struggling to make the changes needed to sort out those difficulties.

Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies delivered by trained practitioners. Therapy can take place on a long or short-term basis. Its aim is to help people to make effective change in their lives, to improve their well-being or develop enhanced coping strategies for the problems they are facing.

Therapy is time set aside to look at what has brought you to seek help. This may include looking at life events (past and present), feelings and emotions, relationships and ways of thinking and coping. My aim as a therapist is to provide a warm and supportive environment in which you can safely explore the difficulties which have brought you into therapy. Through listening and reflecting with you on your story, my aim is to promote your ability to think, feel and act in positive, life-enhancing ways.